Creativity Pop-Up

So what’s all this Creativity Pop-Up stuff anyways?

It’s like the creativity food truck…we bring all the delightful creativity experiences to you –whether you’re at a school, a youth center, an after-school program or just looking for a Saturday workshop for your kids, we are creating it and want you to experience it.  It’s not just for kids either, big kids a.k.a adults are welcome too!

What can you expect from a Creativity Pop-Up experience?
Interactive, brain bending, mysterious experiences where kids and big kids a.k.a adults get to see, hear, smell and feel creativity.

Curious yet?
We are all about creating new too, so drop us a line at and let’s get creating!

Our Latest Pilot Project 
“Adaptable Me” Workshop – Creative Thinking in Science
Co-designed by Beyonder and world-renowned Cornell professor and author Rodney Dietert, this 3-hour workshop provides a hands-on learning experience that focuses creative thinking techniques on the field of biology. Students work in teams to solve a series of problems, using technology, building and art supplies, and their own bodies to gain insight.


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