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What we do

At the Beyonder Academy, we empower individuals to achieve their creative potential through innovative education

Creativity Camp

One-week creativity day camp for kids ages 10-17 held at SUNY Buffalo State in Buffalo, N.Y.

Traveling Camp

Kids creativity camps held at satellite locations globally, built on the Buffalo day camp model.

Creativity Pop-Up

Saturday workshops, after-school programs and short day programs for kids and educators to experience creativity.

Educator Lab

Experiential learning lab for educators who want to enhance, nurture and integrate creativity into the classroom.

The adventure starts here…

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! August 1- 5, Creative Thinking Summer Camp

About Us

Since 2012, we've been inspiring minds to go beyond what is expected, using creativity as an essential life skill.
Our Story

2012, the tipping point for Beyonder Academy Co-founders Jenna Smith and Pamela Szalay. The education system worldwide wasn't doing enough to prepare the youth and educators for a world so uncertain. Our belief then and now, is that creativity is an essential life skill. Combined with our passion for creativity and education, experiences as a music teacher, director of operations, events coordinator and higher education marketing professional as well our master's degrees in creativity, the Beyonder Academy was born. Partnering with the International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) at the State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo State, our curriculum is approved by the ICSC, home to the oldest degree granting program in creativity and 50+ years of research in the field of creativity. We believe that by sharing our passion with kids and educators around the world through our day camps, workshops and discovery learning, that creativity will empower individuals to navigate this uncertain world and go beyond what is expected.

  • What is creativity?

    Learn more by viewing the Creativity 101 videos by our partner, the International Center for Studies in Creativity.

  • Why do we need creativity?

    Based on research from leading companies such as IBM and Adobe, there's a global creativity gap that's changing the world.

  • How is our approach different?

    Our curriculum is approved by the first degree granting institution in the study of creativity and is aligned with 21st century skills as well as research by the "father of creativity," E.Paul Torrance.

  • What's our vision for the future?

    Every kid and educator realizes that they have the ability to be a "beyonder," going beyond what is expected with creativity at the center of their life.

2012 Camp Beyonder

2013 Camp Beyonder

2014 Camp Beyonder


At the Beyonder Academy, our team has many talents--Marketer. Maker. Musician. Toy Designer. Teacher and Creativity Experts. We are graduates of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State and more importantly we eat, sleep and breathe creativity.
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Jenna Smith

Co-Founder & Director of Adventure
Maker. Marketer. Adventurer. Big kid but about the same size as most campers. Jenna has created event experiences for all ages. She designs our camp environment and makes sure our camp adventures are kid-tested and camp approved.
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Pamela Szalay

Co-Founder & Director of Play
Instructional Designer. Musician. And head of all things Beyonder. You can often find Pam riffing some one note Blues with campers, inventing new games and helping campers discover their own creative strengths.
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Miriam Kelley

High School Camp Facilitator
Creative problem-solver. Mentor. Coach. Hands-on facilitator of Inventive Thinking. With a master’s degree in creative studies and an adjunct professor, she has spent most of her professional life as a Product Designer on the outside and an Engineer on the inside with a focus on creating toys.
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Lori Schwartz

Middle School Camp Facilitator
Creativity teacher for 25+ years. At Lake Shore Central School District, Lori designed, developed and implemented the curriculum for the gifted and talented program. Lori has has also helped fellow teachers “teach creativity creatively” Now retired, Lori remains passionate about teaching creativity.

What Beyonders Say?

When asked what they got out of Camp Beyonder this is what beyonders a.k.a. campers had to say...

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